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We offer two (2) types of consultations that are conducted via our HIPAA-compliant Virtual Wellness Clinic.  Consultation times are billed in 15-minute increments.

1.  In-depth Test Interpretation Consultations – (Please note that test interpretation consultations DO NOT include personalized recommendations.  In order to receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, please request a New Client Information Packet at and schedule a New Client Consult.

  • Cyrex Test Interpretations—in general, we recommend scheduling 15 minutes per Array (e.g., If you wish to review Cyrex Array 2 and 3 results, please schedule a 30-minute consultation.)
  • Other Functional Medicine Tests (e.g., Vibrant Wellness, Doctor’s Data, ALCAT, etc.) —please schedule 30 minutes per test. 
  • Time required for test interpretations is dependent largely upon the number of test results and the scope of your questions. Time recommendations are an estimation and can vary depending upon the severity of your health issues, scope of your questions, and the number and complexity of test results.

2.  Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations
 –New client consultations require a completed Health History and New Client Information Packet. New client consultations are 90 minutes. Please email to request a New Client Information Packet and schedule a New Client Consult.  

Michelle Ross, MA, MS, CNS
In Dr. Tom O’Bryan words: “I have personally trained Michelle Ross, MA, MS, CNS, in advanced testing, in-depth interpretation and personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance for gluten-related disorders and autoimmune diseases.  Michelle is the Director of Clinical Services at She holds a master of science in human nutrition with graduate research focused on the complexity of gluten-related disorders.  She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner, functional medicine practitioner trained through the Institute of Functional Medicineand a Certified Gluten Practitioner.

Her thousands of hours invested in course work, study, training and hands-on work with patients with gluten-related disorders have quite frankly, made her one of the very best. You don't fix headaches by fixing the head. You find the 'weak link in the chain’ and bring balance to the person who has the headaches. I send my family to Michelle for guidance." There are a number of health concerns that could be the cause of your symptoms; Michelle has significant experience helping clients look in the right direction.”

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